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  • mistersota

    June 7, 2021 at 4:54 am

    @123toid It’s really not worth it. The measurements were taken at 1 meter at 2.8ish volts that was calibrated with my multimeter playing a 60hz tone. The mic was level with listening axis which is halfway in between the tweeter and top woofer. I’m positive they were done correctly. I’m gonna make some mtm bookshelves sometime next week with the drivers instead. I made a test box last week and did the measurements and ordered some parts for it. They also use an inverted tweeter, which I wanted to test with these towers. 

    If you want to see those measurements you’re welcome to but I’ve given up on the towers for now. I’m just going to assume that I wired the tweeter backward when taking measurements with the crossover, even though I’m almost certain I didn’t.