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  • mistersota

    June 26, 2021 at 6:26 pm

    @elliottdesigns well that wouldn’t really help would it because measuring pretty much anywhere is limited by the distance to the ground because that’s generally the first reflection. Unless you’re talking ground plane, but I don’t think that’s accurate at the frequencies the crossover is at, right?

    Plus I don’t think you can truly ever get far enough to totally negate the time delay of the drivers. Sure, close up is going to create more of a delay because the angle is changing more drastically, but once you get to a certain distance there is still the issue that the drivers are physically positioned in different planes. It would make the woofers become phase independent, but not the tweeter. Maybe that’s what you’re saying though. 

    Anyway, I’m away from home currently but I will experiment on the new bookshelves I made with the drivers when I get home. If I have any issues I’ll post pics. Thanks for the suggestion!