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  • trevor

    December 15, 2021 at 7:02 pm

    Thanks Charlie,

    If you have time I have some follow-up questions. So, if I go with a crossover at 1300Hz I should be at or below where the subwoofer begins beaming. I’m guessing this is why you all build your own crossovers because there aren’t any preassembled 1300Hz crossovers for sale anywhere.

    On the L-pad it showed that I need a R1=3.5 ohms and an R2=10.28 ohms. Do people normally just solder resistors together to make this or is it necessary to get a preassembled L-pad with the dial etc.

    So I guess I need to look into how to build a crossover, but TBH I don’t understand the relationships between capacitors, inductors and resistors and how this works out to 1300Hz.