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From philosophy to law, I have always sought to increase my understanding of topics. I’ve played with building computers since the early 1990s. But for some reason, it took until 2021 for me to finally get into audio.

One reason I love Digital Signal Processing so much is the crossover (play on words) with my interests in computers. But I’ve recently started exploring more on how to create passive crossovers and active crossovers as well.

I’m using this hobby, in part, to explore the basics of electrical engineering. Where I may go in the future is the creation of stand alone active crossovers that could sit with external audio equipment, as well as able to incorporate into the speaker itself.

I’m learning more about DACs and amps all the time and will soon be using my ADC to do more in depth analysis, in conjunction with my oscilloscope and other equipment I collect as time goes by.

I also love CAD work related to designing of cabinets. I may tone down my aggressiveness on bracing for future projects, but it really is a joy to design something and bring that into the physical space and seeing the fruits of one’s labor.



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