Fewest Tools Needed for Building Speakers (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love My Router)!

You may wonder what tools are needed to get started building your own custom loudspeakers. The list is surprisingly small if a person is simply trying to build a basic box with bracing. What tools do you need? A plunge router with bits, a circle jig, and clamps. Is that really it? Yes, surprisingly. But don’t you need your sheet […]

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Shelf Filters: An Underutilized Crossover Filter

Why use a shelf filter? While designing a speaker using a full range driver, I ran into a common problem: the sensitivity shifts upward at a specific point making the higher frequencies output more decibels than lower frequencies. This problem is not unique to these drivers, though. Baffle step is another instance where this can occur. This can cause lower […]

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Tools for Speaker Builders

Tools for Speaker Builders As with starting any new hobby, a person gets excited. They want to throw themselves into it whole-heartedly. And just like a new relationship, a person just throws themselves into it, especially in the honeymoon period. Now, if you are like me, you already were interested in some area related to audio, but you do not […]

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