Front Firing Voxel Subwoofer Plans



This is for the plans to build your own front firing Voxel subwoofer. The Voxel subwoofer has always been known as one of the best small subwoofers on the market. The main concern was always port noise with higher powered amplifiers and the ability to have a front firing subwoofer. This design helps fix both of those concerns. It is not only front firing, but also has a front slot port that is designed to give maximum output with low port noise. This helps you get the sub you want with the sound quality you deserve.  If you want maximum performance, look at the Voxel Sub with Passive Radiators.

These build plans are designed around this subwoofer:

When Complete the subwoofer will be approximately 11.5″ tall, 7.5″ wide and 10″ deep.


Example of a completed Voxel Subwoofer

Example of a completed Voxel Subwoofer.

3d rendering of the Voxel Subwoofer

3d rendering of the design.

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