Mega 1 BBox


When you require a big sound in a cool package, look no further than the Mega 1 BBox
Tech Check

-Aux inputs
-Loud! 100 decibels output @ 1 meter
-200 Watts total max power , 100 Watts RMS
-1 inch titanium dome tweeters with neodymium magnets
-8 inch aluminum cone woofers with high end neodymium magnets
-4 inch mid-bass speakers with high end neodymium magnets

The BBox

-¾ inch thick enclosure with bracing for improved bass

Finished Dimensions 22 X 6 X 10 inches (with feet and handle)
Weight 18 lbs with SLA battery, or 16 lbs with Lithium Ion battery
Shipping Dimensions 24 X 10 X 12 inches
Shipping Weight 20 or 22 lbs

– Contains input for battery charger

The Power (its aliveeee) –

-Battery option = Lithium Ion power pack – 16 hours. About 4 hours at MAX volume.
-Battery option =SLA – 12 hours. About 4 hours at MAX volume.
-Battery can be fully charged and discharged well over 1000 times (6 years if
fully discharged and charged every other day)

The Warranty –
1 year against all defects in materials, electronics, battery, charger, and workmanship.

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