PA 15 – 15″ Pro Audio Speaker Plans


Want to build a set of PA speakers with a 15″ woofer that can go down to 46hz? That is exactly what you can do with these plans. Whether you want them for kareokee, 2 channel music, you will sure love the soundstage these provide.

Sold By: Toid's DIY Audio


Have you ever wanted to build a pair of PA speakers? With these plans you can. Each speaker uses the JBL D220TI compression driver in a 90H by 50V horn paired with the Dayton Audio Neo motor 15″ woofer that only weighs 16lbs. Paired together you get a response from 46hz up to 20KhZ, without breaking the budget.

Each Speaker uses these Drivers and Waveguide:

(1) 15″ woofer:
(1) Compression Tweeter:
(1) Waveguide:
(1) 4″ Port – will be cut in half:

Each speaker when built will be:

28″ tall

18″ Wide

14″ Deep


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