Poplar Walnut 2.1 Custom Stereo


Poplar Walnut 2.1 Sound Series

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?…(Pray)

What is the first thing you do when you return home from a busy day at work?…(Pray)

For many of us, there is only one answer:…(Pray) or to turn on a speaker and let music flow through our personal space.

The Poplar Walnut series is an elegant multi-function wooden speaker that is handcrafted and engineered to produce a pure audio and visual experience.

The market today is flooded with mass-produced products made with excessive plastic and metal parts. We all miss the time when products embodied craftsmanship, personality, and beauty of an all wood, made in the USA product.

Here at Custom Bless we consider our customers love of reproduction of sounds, because we share the same love.

Consider this; a company that listens to their customers and actually implements their ideals to better the product… I mean why not. We are after the same thing as our customers; an awesome sounding speaker, that not only looks good but sounds amazing as well. That is how the Poplar Walnut was born. We listen to our founding friends and together we created something amazing.

The Poplar Walnut can be used as a subwoofer or a soundbar, the choice is yours, but ultimately you are in for a surprise once you sit back and take in the rich and beautiful sound of the Poplar Walnut.

Finally you have a speaker that exceeds your expectations. With the crisp highs from the 2 inch rear firing tweeters to the room filling midrange 4 inch Dayton drivers, the low chest pounding bass projected by the 5 inch bottom firing Dayton Subwoofer. You can sit back and enjoy a room filled of sound that will amaze you every time you connect to it.

One thing is for sure, the Poplar Walnut Series will not leave you wanting for more.

Sold By: Custom Bless Speakers