The Soundstage 15 – 15″ 2-way HiFi Speaker Plans


Want to build a set of PA speakers with a 15″ woofer that can go down to 46hz? That is exactly what you can do with these plans. Whether you want them for kareokee, 2 channel music, you will sure love the soundstage these provide.



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Have you ever heard a pair of 15″ woofers with a compression driver in your living room?  If you haven’t, it is an experience.  One of the best speakers I have deigned to date for soundstage.  With the huge woofers and a 90×50 degree waveguide, you get that room filling sound where the singer sounds as if they are directly in front of you on stage.  You can easily close your eyes and “see” the music in front of you.  If you would rather use these in a bigger environment, as a PA speaker, you can do that as well. Each speaker uses the JBL D220TI compression driver in a 90H by 50V horn paired with the Dayton Audio Neo motor 15″ woofer that only weighs 16lbs. Paired together you get a response from bass all the way down to 46hz and a flat response up to 20KhZ, without breaking the budget.  Each pair will cost around $500-550 for a pair. *make sure to double check the main components for price does fluctuate

“They’re great! Love them! I wasn’t an audiophile before but I think I’m turning into one now! Listening to music now is more enjoyable than I thought possible, I can “see” the music now. Karaoke is on a whole new level now too! I love the clarity of the sound they produce, no discomfort to the ears. You don’t realize how loud they are until you try to talk to someone because the purity of the sound is so clean.” – Satisfied Soundstage 15 Builder

Each Speaker uses these Drivers and Waveguide:

(1) 15″ woofer:
(1) Compression Tweeter:
(1) Waveguide:
(1) 4″ Port – will be cut in half:

Each speaker when built will be:

  • 28″ tall
  • 18″ Wide
  • 14″ Deep

The plans will include a crossover for low power and high power applications.

When you finish building these, make sure to show them off at the forum:


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