I don’t believe speaker building should have to be expensive. SO I try my hardest to show you web-sites when I find them that can help keep the costs down. This new site, is awesome! It allows you to figure out your enclosure volume based off the material size you are using. Ie if you know you want a 1 cubic foot box, you can keep plugging in numbers until you get a box that will fit your dimensions. So how does it work? Just scroll down until you see this:

This is where you input all you data.  All you need to do is input the outside measurements of the box you want to build and the size of the material you want to use.  So in the example I put in an arbitrary 12″ x 12″ x 18″ using 3/4″ (.75″) material.  When I calculate it, I receiver a total volume 1.053.  If I wanted a volume bigger, then I would need to increase the size of my box and if I wanted it smaller, I would of course decrease the size of my box.  But this is a great web-site you can use for free to get the volume you need for your upcoming project.
One final tidbit, sometimes you want to know the internal volume of an enclosure you already have, but the side dimensions are not a normal size.  You can still do it the way I already showed.  However, you can also figure out the internal dimensions, by measuring it.  Once you know the internal dimensions, just plug in 0″ in wood thickness.  This will give you the volume of the enclosure.  However, remember it is necessary to measure only the inside dimensions, do not include any outside measurements.

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