The Reveal – Micro Speaker Build

I recently built a new set of Micro bookshelf speakers. My goal was to make something budget friendly and simple for beginners. SO I looked around for parts for a budget speaker. Here is what I came up with. I used the Dayton PC83-4 as minds and the Dayton ND20-4 for tweeters. The crossover is a simplistic 1st order crossover with a BSC circuit and a resistor on the tweeter. All in all the total cost of the build should be around $60 for the components. I am personally really happy with the sound. Check out the video for a quick build tutorial and sound test.

Parts used:
Tweeter: ND20FB-4
Mid: PC83-4
Sub: GRS 10″ Sub
*Updated Amp: Lepai 2.1 Plate Amplifier or The BEST 2.1 amp I’ve Reviewed – read about it here

Crossover Components:
2.7uf cap
8ohm resistor
0.75 inductor
0.4 inductor
4ohm Resistor

Test Box Speakers

I really liked the mid.   Just a nice clean look to it,

The Sub was downfiring to help with the looks and with small kids and animals.

Finished Speakers
Crossover Diagram
The tweeter can be wired in either polarity.  If you wire it reverse polarity you will get a flatter response.  If you wire it normal polarity (as shown) you will get a small dip in the midrange, which some find pleasing.  My advice would be to test it both ways and let your ears decide which you like better.
The speakers will be made out of 1/2″ MDF with the final dimensions of the speakers Should be 5″ Wide, 5″ Deep and 7″ Tall.  The subwoofer will be a 12x12x16  You can cut these any way to get those final dimensions out of 1/2″ stock, but here is a sample cut list:
2 pieces (front and rear baffle) – 7″ by 5″
2 Pieces (right and left sides) – 7″ by 4″
2 pieces (top and bottom) 4″ by 4″
2 pieces (front and rear baffle) – 12″ by 11″
2 Pieces (right and left sides) – 11″ by 15″
2 pieces (top and bottom) 12″ by 16″
The Reveal Front Baffle Cutout:
The tweeter is a 36mm hole which is cut on center at 5 1/4″ high.  The mid is a 3″ hole cut on center at 2 5/8″ high

*I used an 8 ohm resistor on the tweeter, but if you feel it is too bright you can use a 10 ohm.

*These plans are for Personal use only. If you want to resell these, contact me first.

8 replies on “The Reveal – Micro Speaker Build”

  1. Hello , I like much this project , but can you please tell me parameters like SPL/W per speaker ? And how much there will be difference in db between woofer and tweeter on 8ohm and 10ohm

  2. Thank you. I am glad you like it. I didn't test the SPL as these are mostly for nearfield. Each speaker can probably handle about 40 watts rms and closer to 80 peak. I didn't test that, but that would be a good guess. I can tell you that I ran them fine with my Pioneer Elite Home Theater receiver after auto calibration. I am not sure what you are asking about the impedance difference. However, if you are asking if you could use an 8ohm or 10ohm driver, the answer is no. This crossover is custom designed for these speakers. However, if you want a custom crossover design, check out my patreon page, where I offer that service.

  3. Nice design . I may have to build a set of those for my granddaughters PC but I think I'd rather go for an 8" or 6 1/2" subwoofer. Do you think that would drastically affect the sound?

  4. Not at all. In fact, I would recommend the Voxel Sub by Paul Carmody. It is a very small 5.25" sub that really hits hard. Great sub/performance especially for the price.

  5. Ok, so i like this project, but i do not know how to read that schematic. Do you have a flow diagram of how it should be or a video tutorial on that exact setup?


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