Aiyima T8 Review

Aiyima T8 Tube powered on

This is the Aiyima T8 Review. I’ve said before that I’m no expert on audio stuff.  I give my honest opinion on it and list my commentary on what I thought about different products.  Aiyima might not be all that new but it’s pretty new to me.  I have the Aiyima T8 DAC/Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp to take a gander at.  I’ll break it down into several parts to make it easier to navigate.

First Impression

The First impression on the Aiyima T8 is….it looks weird.  The bright red volume knob reminds me of Bozo’s nose.  The wood rails at the top to keep fingers off the vacuum tube seem oddly out of place.  The rest of it seems really well made.  Recessed machine screws hold everything together.  The brushed aluminum frame is matte black and looks great.  The “OLED” display is crisp and not overly bright.  All the inputs and outputs are clearly labeled to avoid confusion.


Assembling the Aiyima T8 pro is easy. You have to insert a vacuum tube which only goes in one way, screw in the antenna, and plug in the power cord.  Done.

Aiyima T8 Accessories


The volume/power knob (Bozo’s nose) has a quality feel to it.  Firm detents and clean clicks with no wobbles or mush.  The display clearly shows you what is going on detailing the input, volume, as well as the sampling rate of the input signal.  You also get a remote control which I’ve barely used.  It adds a great value if used as a pre-amp that will be out of arm’s reach.  I’m using the T8 on my desk so the remote is not really needed for my current use.


On the Aiyima T8 you have the option of Coaxial input, RCA input (and RCA output!), Optical, and Bluetooth.  That’s a lot of inputs for a $129 audio gadget.  Switching inputs is a click of the volume knob or remote button away.  As for tube options, you can go with the GE5657, 396A, 2C51, 12B4A, or the 6H3N.  The people at TubeDepot in Memphis are very helpful if you have questions about tubes/valves.  They also have some DIY amp kits for the ambitious (and opulent).

Inputs and outputs of Aiyima T8 Tube


This thing is QUIET!  No hum, buzz, chirping, clicking………… nothing!  Pretty impressive at this cost level.  As a DAC it was instantly recognized by my PC and worked flawlessly.  Bluetooth was equally quiet which was a surprise to me as well.  With all the wireless stuff and power adapters on my desk I figured there would be something unwelcome in the signal.  Nope.  I tried several different headphones with this and they were all very clear.  I will say that I had to use some equalization to get it where I liked it but I think my ears are spoiled.


  • The red knob and wood rails bother me for some reason.  They just seem oddly out of place.  That’s pretty much it for the cons.


  • It’s QUIET! 
  • The Aiyima T8 operates flawlessly. 
  • Lots of inputs. 
  • Remote control included. 
  • The vacuum tube is located right on top so tube rolling will be quite easy.

Want to discuss it more? Do so on the forum. 

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