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      Hello All..

      I would like to upgrade/change the crossovers in my Yamaha NS-777 tower speakers.
      With dual 8″ woofers, 5″ mid, 1′ tweeter. I find the crossover values could be improved. The current values are 1000hz – 4000hz which I find for 8″ woofer, 1000hz a bit to high. I played just through the 8″ woofers & way to much vocals are coming through.  Personally I think they should be crossed over at the 500hz with the 5″ mid easily playing the 500hz – 4000hz

      As there factory crossover has just coils & caps, without any resistors etc. Is it viable just to do the same with a new designed crossover?  I have included the diagram of the factory crossover & the specs of the speaker..  Is changing the crossover a viable thing to try??  As it would be way cheaper than posable buying new speakers..

      Thoughts??  And how best to design a new crossover??


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      Don’t take this the wrong way but I really have to ask the question why do you think too much vocal is coming out of the woofers? What is the ‘correct’ ammount?

      In a x.1 system where you have a separate subwoofer cabinet handling bass content absolutely avoid having vocal play through it.

      In a multi way driver configuration within a single cabinet as long as the frequency range produced by each driver is loud enough, free of distortion and within excursion limits it really doesnt matter which driver does what as the entire cabinet sums together to make a single cohesive full spectrum signal.

      My 2 way 6″ studio monitors cross over at 2500 meaning my woofers are producing most of the vocal range but at a comforatble listening distance i cant tell which frequency comes out of woofer vs tweeter.

      Unless there are other reasons to alter the crossover e.g. different sized drivers overlapping each other too much at the crossover frequencies or you have dying or broken components in the current crossover I would suggest not changing it and make use of DSP on the signal feeding the speakers if you want to change the voicing of the speaker.

      Josh Evans, Professional Live Sound Engineer, High End Commercial AV Install Technician
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      The best way to design a new crossover would be to buy Dats and a Calibrated microphone.  Any USB calibrated microphone will work, but I am partial to Omnimic.  Since these drivers really do not have any data on them, you really need to gather the data before you start making changes.  Although, I am a big fan of DIY and I am sure you could make a better crossover with the help of this community, you would want to ask yourself if it is worth it.  If you want to get into designing speakers, then jump on in and we will help you.  However, if not, then this investment might be better suited toward a new pair of speakers or even building a design, like the ones I make or you can get at Parts Express.

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