Dinas Boombox Plans




Do you love the Dinas?  Want to take that same incredible sound with you on the go?   Tuned to 35hz, this system might just be the most powerful bass you will feel from a portable system. This is for the build pans that show you how to build the box and wire everything together.

These plans include the option to make this portable or just leave it as a standalone unit for a room that you want great sound in. It is completely customizable.

Each Boombox uses these Components

(1) W5-1183SMF: USA: https://parts-express.sjv.io/yRKdov or Europe https://bit.ly/3RkZhZw

(2) RS100-4: https://parts-express.sjv.io/gbd6Kv or Europe https://bit.ly/40d8d7v

(1) 2.1 Amplifier: https://parts-express.sjv.io/3PB4ny or https://amzn.to/31EeLQh

(1) 19V Power Supply: https://amzn.to/32jQOOh

(1) Power Jack: https://parts-express.sjv.io/jWNqX0

(1) Aux Input (optional): https://parts-express.sjv.io/5bW49b

(1) Power switch (optional): https://parts-express.sjv.io/e43mV1

(1) Acrylic Amplifier Faceplate (optional): https://parts-express.sjv.io/Aod4JK


Optional Portable Components

(1) 21v Battery board: https://parts-express.sjv.io/VyJ1q6

(2) 18650 Batteries: https://parts-express.sjv.io/Zdog9K


Non Portable unit costs around $165 and the portable unit will cost around $210. *make sure to double check the main components for price does fluctuate

* double check prices with the links above.

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