First look at Punktkilde – New hifi drivers

There’s a new name in HiFi drivers – Punktkilde. Although, you may not have heard of them, you may have heard of their sister company, Scan-Speak. Scan-speak, often referred to as some of the highest quality HiFi drivers one can buy, designed every one of these Punktkilde drivers that I recently received for review.

Once I start getting building, I’ll offer more graphs that show the frequency response. But for now, I hope you enjoy the pictures and the video.


  1. Awesome to have a new option for DIY projects, it looks like a very good quality brand. Look foward to see what you build with this!! (I was thinking to build a big tower speaker like Wilson Audio and this driver looks so suitable for that).I hope they sship their drivers to ChileBest regards from South America, ChileCheers! 🙂 

  2. THat would be very nice.  A wilson Audio speaker is something I would love to attempt sometime.  I could definitely see using something like these in a build like that.

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