Dinas – Do I need a Subwoofer Plans



DINAS – Do I Need a Subwoofer

This is for the build plans to build your own pair of Dinas. Dinas is short for Do I Need a Subwoofer. This is due to each speaker having it’s own powered subwoofer that goes down to an impressive 35hz. These are the Speakers you saw Toids DIY Audio from YouTube build and JoeNTell Review. They utilize an amplifier on each speaker to power their own subwoofer and the midrange and tweeter independently. It is a very powerful set of speakers that uses these components:

Parts Used for the DINAS:

(1) W5-1183SMF: USA: https://parts-express.sjv.io/yRKdov or Europe

(1) RS100-4:  https://parts-express.sjv.io/gbd6Kv or Europe

(1) Tn28B: https://parts-express.sjv.io/WDodrO or Europe

(1) Lepai 2.1 Amplifier: parts-express.sjv.io/vndjK3 or Europe

(1) 19V Power Supply: https://amzn.to/2XxCBsa

Details of The DINAS

The build plans include cut lists, how to assemble and the crossover diagrams.

For a pair of speakers the component cost is around $250-$350. *make sure to double check the main components for price does fluctuate

The Finished Design is around 12.5″ Tall, 7.5″ Wide and 10″ Deep

About The DINAS

Each speaker has it’s own redesigned voxel subwoofer. It is redesigned with a slot port that reduces port noise and increase sound quality. They feature a full range driver in it’s own sealed enclosure and a tweeter to help give the speaker a full frequency range to 20khz.

The projected Frequency response is around 35hz-20khz, making these a true full range speaker.

Since each speaker uses it’s own powered amplifier. you will hook these up with RCA cables and not speaker wire. For theater use, you would hook these to a receivers 7.1 channel RCA output. For stereo listening you can either use a 3.5mm to rca cable or a preamp with rca outputs.

Want the Dinas on the go? Consider the Dinas Boombox

DINAS Final Information

The build plans download as a PDF.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

For more information, feel free to check out the YouTube videos:


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