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Have you wanted an audiophile flat speaker? But maybe sometimes you really want to just bring the bass? The Pint Sized Powerhouse is exactly that. It is a hybrid speaker that uses a DSP amplifier to get you an audiophile flat response. Not only that, it gives you bass and treble knobs that allow you to fine tune adjust them to your liking.  Or just turn the bass up, to allow the two 8″ powered subs to come to life. So whether you want to party out or do critical listening, the Pint Sized Powerhouse is for you.




Each Speaker uses these parts

⚙️Parts Used:

(1) Tweeter: Europe: Tweeter

(1) Midrange: Europe: Midrange

(1) Subwoofer: Europe: Subwoofer

(1) Amplifier: Europe: Amplifier

(1) Function Cables: Europe: Cables

(1) Port: Europe: Port

(1) Power Supply:

*(1) KPX Programmer: Europe: Programmer

*You only need 1 KPX programmer to program as many speakers as you want. If you already have one, you do not need to buy one.


Measured final response with knobs adjusted in the middle.

You will get the build plans as well as the DSP file that is needed to program the board. If you have any issues or questions, I will be happy to assist you.


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