The Dinas – Do I need a Subwoofer?

Dinas Speaker Plans

The Dinas are fully active speakers with a  powered subwoofer.  i designed these for JoeNTell after he gave some ideas of what he might want to see on a speaker.  After we talked about it, we decided to give this speaker a lot of bass and the end user a lot of control.  So we picked out an amplifier that allows the end user to change the variable crossover on the subwoofer and the volume of the subwoofer and the rest of the speaker independently.  It is really a very powerful bookshelf speaker.  Here are some videos about them and the parts we used.





19V Power Supply:

Crossover components are in the build plans.


Sneak Peak after they Were Built

The Review:

Build Plans

Flat Packs

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  1. Hi,

    I am very impressed with the DIAS design. I am planning to build a pair of DINAS speakers. I did slightly modify the design. Check . I didn’t like the vent in the frontpanel too much. It could also weaken the frontpanel?
    Still 2 questions . . .
    It is not quite clear to me how to connect the speakers to the Lepai. You have a left and right audio input. Do I use one of them? I could solder them together (mono) and connect the subwoofer to the subconnector, the Dayton to the left speakeroutput and the tweeter to the right speakeroutput (with capacitor). Would that be the way of doing it??

    What is the value of the capacitor you used?

    1. You connect both the midwoofer and the tweeter to either the left or right terminal. One of the terminals will be left empty. The value of the capacitor is int he plans. If you are unsure you are getting the right capacitor, open up the plans. The plans have the value of the capacitor as well as a link to purchase the exact one I used at the top of the second page. I hope this helps.

      1. I downloaded the build plan. Thank you. You connect both the tweeter and the dayton to one terminal. Wouldn’t it be an idea to connect the Dayton to one amp and the tweeter to the other? You coud solder the left and right inputs together.

      2. Sorry bothering you again . . .
        I red that you connect the tweeter and the subwoofer with reverse polarity. This seems very odd! Why is this?

      3. It would be best to do this in the forum, so other people can get this out. But it has to do with phase and yes they are reversed. And also they do get wired to one parts of the ant like mentioned before. If you want a longer explanation, I’ll do that on the forum

      4. Hello Toid. Can you please recommend a list of parts for passive speakers? I want to build two bookshelves with the audio components in your plans, with out the amp plates. so basically I need to get crossovers, capacitors, etc. I am willing to pay for the plan. thank you, keep up the outstanding work.

  2. I finished building the Dinas and they sound great! They really go down to 35 hz! Amazing lows! In the midsection, around 1000/2000 Hz they sound a bit shrill. I think perhaps because of the small midrange speaker housing. I stuffed it and that improves a bit. An equalizer app perfectly solves this problem. Take good care that you make all the joints airtight, otherwise they’ll make a puffing sound.
    Great design 123TOID!

  3. Hi i’m thinking of building this set, are there an place in the EU to buy the speakers?

    Also i’m thinking of using an coax unit instead of an external tweeter, can you recomend one?

    1. Do not buy in the US! I did and i had to pay 80€ customs fee! If you google you’ll find a supplier in europe ( a bit more expensive )

  4. Hi,
    Why don’t you make a space in the enclosure uinder the tweeter, to give it space so you have no issues when your ears are in fact a little lower than the tweeters?

  5. Hi. Im interested to build the Dinas. I have some questions though..

    What kind of wood is in the flat pack? It mentions mdf but when i look at the face, it looks like real wood.
    It mentions there are other wood options available (birch). Will the sound have a big difference if i use hard wood over mdf?
    It says that only glue is used to build the box. Is that better than nails or screws?
    Does the flat pack include instructions to build the whole speaker?
    Im from the Philippines and im trying to decide if it is better to have the box built here. Most speakers i see here use marine plywood. Is that good?


    1. Clearly never, I’ve been waiting and waiting and nothing… I don’t get it. Did he spend all this time and energy on these and this blog and then make like 5 packs and then ignore everyone afterward? Trucking annoying TBH

      1. Actually, I moved across country and haven’t found anywhere to produce them. I’ve been in contact with businesses, but none have been interested in producing them. If and when I can find someone willing to make them again, they will be back for sale.

  6. I would also love a passive version of this speaker! I love the flatpack cabinet that you offer. Please let me know if you ever do this and I will buy a set.

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  9. Hi! I was wondering if someone can build me one. I already have the Tang Band W5-1138SMF subwoofer. This is my first Tang Band subwoofer and it performs very nice.

  10. Hi 123.
    Can you design a crossover to the Dinas and sell the plans in your webshop. So I can use the Dinas for both Hifi and home theater systems in the small room. Keep up your great work and YouTube channel.

  11. Hi
    I have been all over review sites to get decent powered speakers for my PC. These “seems” like exactly what I have been looking for! Slight problem though, the Amp recommended in the parts does not have a S/PDIF digital in to easily hook up. Is there an alternative Amp that will also work that I can get with a S/PDIF port? Will be ordering the parts for delivery to South Africa…here’s hoping it will get here!

  12. I finished my build of the DINAS. Sound is incredible except for one thing. I am supplying my audio from my computer headphone out wtih an 1.8″ mini to RCA. I am getting a 60 hz hum. It is low level. If I I have RCA splitter and I am sending the signal to both the left and right. If I unplug let’s say the left, the hum goes away in that speaker but so does the mids and highs. What needs to be done to correct this? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hey Man, I had exactly the same issue. Mine ended up being the cheap power supplies and the unshielded RCA cable i was using. SInce the RCA cable would be the cheapest fix id reccomend starting there. Dont go crazy youd just be looking for something thats dual shielded. If that doesnt work id move on to the power supply i baught an adjustable power supply that can go from 15v to 22v so i can reach the Max power of the amp. Hope this helps.

  13. Hello, I really loved these speakers! Is it possible to build them with just 1 amplifier and have them connected between each other? Also, is it possible to add bluetooth to them?
    Thank you!

  14. I like this build I had built a portable tube sub similar to a over sized beats pill with the same speakers they also have a new model of the same amp plate with blue tooth now on eBay for about 35$ I put a audio acrilyic mini with button pad and extended ir for the remote and value knob on it with only one
    Tang band sub other side being a band pass speaker. Anyways With the new audio acrilyic plates and parts it would be awesome to see a 4.1 dinas maybe even a sound bar and a earth quake powered sub for the people that don’t want to buy a house receiver set up and have to hide or route a ton of wire would be the true killer and a little easier to convince someone to market it Sense there only one other company that’s way over priced to do something similar to this just a idea. Brian food. Ps do I need a system 🤔🧐👍👍✌️

  15. I’ve built 2 pairs of those Dinas ( one pair active et one passive ) I love both pair maybe a penchant for the passive. I have the intention of building another pair of passive. I was wondering if It would make a differnce inSQ if I sue a pair of w5-1138sm instead of smf woofer since I already hace those 1138sm. Thanks for your help.

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