Today I am going to be teaching you how to build a HiFi testing amplifier.  The first thing you need to do is figure out what amplifier to use.  You and I may love curves, but not on our frequency response.  For this you want a flat smooth response, so you hear exactly what is being reproduced.  We don’t want anything that will color the sound, so know bass and treble knobs.  No we want this response to be all natural.   We also want something with low distortion, so that you will have a clean sound.  Finally you want easy hookups, for this I choose RCA After looking at all the different Amplifier modules, I choose the IcePower 50ASX2SE and the Ghent Audio Case designed for it.  It came with all the cables , making this a really simple project that anyone can tackle. If you want to tackle a higher powered version, then you will want to go here.

For now I will send you to the Video to show the basic assembly. More Instructions will be added later.

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