Eso 5 HiFi Bookshelf Plans


The Eso 5’s was designed for with high end Home Theater in mind.  With these no comprises were made.  The highest quality drivers and crossover components were used to make a speaker you will be proud of for years to come.  These plans include both the sealed and ported version of these plans.  These were specifically designed to be used as rear speakers in a home theater system. With a fantastic off-axis these really can fill your area with sound.

This speaker uses the Dayton Esoteric 5.5″ paired with a Peerless Corundum 1″ Tweeter.  The end result is a very smooth and relaxed sound.  Both versions are designed to be used with a subwoofer and will give you the best sound crossed over by 80hz.  These will give you a flat response up to 20khz.  Meaning you get a speaker you can listen to without worrying about ear fatigue.  These were originally designed for the YouTuber Doublsmm for his home theater.  Go check out his channel for his glowing review of these and the front speakers, the Eso 7’s.

Approximate Component cost is $400 to build a pair of Eso 5’s *make sure to double check the main components for price does fluctuate

Ported Sealed
14” Height 13” Height
10” Deep 7 ½” Deep
8 ½” Wide 8 ½” Wide

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This is for the build plans to build your own HiFI bookshelf speakers – the Eso 5. Need new Rear surrounds?  Look no further.  These were specifically designed for rear surround speakers using only high end materials for a crystal clear sound.


Completed versions of the Eso 7 and Eso 5 ported.